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Giddy Up and Go… RubyBlue Vodka & Bellini Bar

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We needed something that would stand out in the crowd to showcase our range of Vodkas and Liqueurs at festivals and exhibitions. Having searched for a unique promotional vehicle for more than a year, Stuart spotted some interesting trailers being used at Borough market in London and decided we would convert a Vintage Horse box into our new promotional trailer.

We set out in search of an old Rice horsebox as it had the traditional look of wood which we preferred over the modern more readily available metal boxes. Our first purchase had to be scrapped as it simply wasn’t up for the job but eventually in September we found a beautiful specimen from around 1940.

We consulted with several tradesmen & coachbuilders before we found the right team for such a unique job. Six months later in February we were proud to launch our RubyBlue Vodka & Bellini bar in Dublin at the Alltech Brews & Food festival.

Tastefully reconstructed, strengthened and fitted out with reclaimed wood, handmade brass latches,  Edison lights and a miniature Belfast sink our RubyBlue Vodka & Bellini bar boasts vintage charm and is everything we set out to achieve for our promotional vehicle.

As well as festivals and exhibitions we have been asked to provide drinks receptions at corporate events and celebrations. So watch out for us around Ireland.
If you’re  interested in having RubyBlue at your event drop us a note
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